YnYnYn ch 420 – Absorb~(Incomplete)

Sorry I haven’t posted anything for awhile. But with this post I’m also telling you guys that I’m stopping to post for now, this one is also incomplete, about 1/3 done I believe (unedited).

The reason is simple: My little brother committed suicide a while back so I’m not feeling it to translate anymore for now… I’m sorry… I’m sure someone else will pick this chapter up.


And finally we arrived at the border fortifications of a country in our way to Silt Welt.

Currently we are observing from a distance inside a forest where we are able to see the fortifications .

“How is it?”

Going by feelings, then it looks to me as if the merchants are passing normally through the fortifications.
I don’t sense anything suspicious but Eclair murmurs while frowning.

“…Looking at it, it doesn’t look suspicious. But it’s odd, there’s a strange lookout with sentries. Doesn’t it seem like there are more people inside than usual? I can slightly detect them from the window.” Continue reading


YnYnYn ch 419 – Escort

Before long, the Silt Welt emissaries joined up.

“With this, are you able to trust us now?”
“Pardon me.”

Unannounced I activate the slave crest.
Then the emissary in front grabs his chest while groaning.
I nod while I immediately cancel it.

“It does not seem that you’re deceiving us.”
“Ye-Yes. Haa…Haa…”
“Well then, I have a few question. If you tell a lie, I will immediately kill you.”
“I- It’s alright!”

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YnYnYn ch 418 – Aiming

*Gatan Gatan*
The carriage is shaking.

“We’re moving forward even at night huh… I wonder if there are any beasts?”

In such a place the carriage stops.
We’re in the middle of the mountain road going towards the next town.

“Hmm? What’s up ?”

Father-in-law is peeking from inside the halted carriage.
The emissary wearing a robe approaches Father-in-law who stepped off the carriage…while unsheathing his sword and spear.
Father-in-law also having guessed the situation, his face turned pale.

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Hello fellow fans of (light) novels!


I’m Ilesyt. I’m a fervent fan of books and light novels, amongst MANY other things.
Also a long time leecher (did a few scanlations before, one of the 3 founders of viscans if anyone knows it). And I finally decided to (properly) learn japanese. And to help me with learning it, especially the compounds, I decided to try my hand at translating. Since I pretty much don’t know (m)any compounds and kanji’s at the moment and just mostly the grammar, I make use of Google translate and Jisho to translate the kanji’s and compounds I don’t know.

And so, here I am. I will be doing the translations of “The start over of the spear hero”. So please don’t be too harsh on me, and my translation speed will be quite slow at start, but I hope to pick it up as I go on. If there are people well-versed in japanese who are willing to correct my work, then please do!

So with this, Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!