YnYnYn ch 418 – Aiming

*Gatan Gatan*
The carriage is shaking.

“We’re moving forward even at night huh… I wonder if there are any beasts?”

In such a place the carriage stops.
We’re in the middle of the mountain road going towards the next town.

“Hmm? What’s up ?”

Father-in-law is peeking from inside the halted carriage.
The emissary wearing a robe approaches Father-in-law who stepped off the carriage…while unsheathing his sword and spear.
Father-in-law also having guessed the situation, his face turned pale.

“Getting deceived, fool.”
“Being so thoughtless. Seriously, the king too, instead of doing such troublesome things, it would’ve been better if he had done it like this from the start.”
“You didn’t buy the insincerity of the other heroes, did you ? It wouldn’t have been funny if you escaped after being vigilant of yourself getting killed.”
“….Eh-….a-…What Motoyasu was talking about was… this !?”
“It’s too late now, Hero of the Shield! Prepare yourself!”

Make it in time! (TL: It actually says 間に会え, but i believe the last kanji is wrong and should be 間に合え)

“Inazuma Spear!”

I threw my spear, coated with lightning, at the people trying to kill Father-in-law.
With the strong power enhanced by the knowledge taught by the heroes of the future, the flash like lightning flies towards Melromarc’s Assassin


The crackling lightning pierces the enemy. But, we haven’t defeated all the enemies yet.
Meanwhile I run with Father-in-law towards the carriage that will help protect him even a little bit more.
At the same time the spear came back to my hand.

“It sure has been a long time since I used this.”

I concentrate on the spear, the induction is high and so with a difficult skill I firmly lock-on to the enemy. (TL: 誘導性 [ゆうどうせい] it translates as induction, not sure what he’s trying to say here, if anyone can help, please do)

“Aiming Lancer X!”

With strength I threw the shining spear.
‘Aiming Lancer’.
During the game period it was a skill that applied high accuracy correction.
The power is mediocre, just slightly stronger than ‘Erste Javelin’.
So to speak a ‘definite hit’ skill… of course, except by clearing it away by hitting it to the ground, but with my current power I don’t even have trouble slaughtering the people who try to kill Father-in-law.



The aura emitting Spear pierces my identified enemy.
With the multi-lock-on function it flies towards all the targeted enemies.
There were 3 enemies.
I killed 1 with ‘Inazuma spear’ and 2 with ‘Aiming lancer”


“Father-in-law! Are you okay!?”


I call out to Father-in-law while running towards the carriage.


“Yo-, you’re Motoyasu…yeah. I’m… fine but…”


Getting off the carriage, Father-in-law stares at the defeated enemies.


“Did you kill them?”
“Because it wasn’t a situation I could hold back on”


That’s right, I could have made them spit out who was the mastermind in the kidnapping but, while doing that Father-in-law might also have gotten killed.
If that happens, we’ll be right back where we started.


“Why would Silt Welt’s emissary…”
“That is probably not the case. Instead of Silt Welt’s emissary, he is probably Melromarc’s soldier or a 3 Heroes Church believer.”
“3 Heroes Church believer?”
“Extremists from this countries main religion… It’s the power that the Father-in-law from the future destroyed.”
“It, It was like that. Motoyasu…kun saved me huh. Thank you very much.” (TL: Because it’s very hard to translate things like dono, kun, etc… into english, I prefer to leave them in there. Hope you don’t mind, also note that it’s the first time this Naofumi is adding kun to Motoyasu’s name.)
“Don’t mention it. Because this is my mission”


While feeling the excitement of the reunion, Eclair has finally caught up.


“Finally… I’ve caught up…”


Looking at Eclair’s face, Father-in-law asked while slightly blushing.
Certainly, she’s not a pig-like woman… in short she’s a woman with a fine character and appearance.
But, she’s practically a pig when compared to Firo-tan.


“My name is Eclair Seaetto. While accompanying Kitamura-dono, I escaped so I could become the strength of the Hero of the Shield-dono.”
“Is that so ?”
“Hero of the Shield-dono, it was a dangerous place. If it weren’t for the Hero of the Spear, Kitamura-dono, what would have become of me by now…”
“Yeah, I’ve found that out the hard way. So what Motoyasu-kun said was true.”


Father-in-law finally takes my word for it.
In that case, I should probably tell the whole story up until now.
After his thinking changed, I started talking about what happened so far.


“It was decided that Queen Malty would be told that Silt Welt’s emissary arrived earlier than planned. Even though they were supposed to have seen you off with everyone, for things to become like this…”


Father-in-law became very sad.


“Father-in-law, please don’t be heartbroken. Because I, Motoyasu, and this Eclair will be with you.”
“No, I’m… now is a good time. I would like to become the strength of the Hero of the Shield. So long we are in this country, I will accompany you to Silt Welt or Schild Frieden who treasure the Hero of the Shield.”
“Yeah… It’s the Ironclad rule of the battlefield. Because they didn’t want me going towards those 2 countries that Melromarc did such a thing. I dislike being done in.”
“As expected of Father-in-law.”
“Haha, somehow I even stopped feeling reluctant of being called Father-in-law by Motoyasu-kun.
Again from the start, please take care of me.”


And so, we were successful in saving Father-in-law.
Just, the next day, our bounties were circulated around the country.


“I think it’s important that we first cross the border.”


The next morning after camping out… Eclair informs us like this.


“That’s right but… Our stomachs are empty.”


Yesterday was a series of battles without a good meal.
Originally we were supposed to have a meal in the dining hall, but I was trapped in the basement and Father-in-law was sent out in the carriage.
In short, since coming to this world we haven’t even eaten once.
Thinking like that, Father-in-law is also quite right..


“Well, let’s have a meal later, we should think about what we should from now on.”


Currently we don’t have even have money or equipment.
At the moment we can fight because of my Lvl and enhanced spear but, somehow or the other we must acquire money and equipment.
Because of our current budget problems we can’t even buy Filorial eggs.
And besides, both me and Father-in-law are wearing plain clothes.


“If they catch up we can still always run with the Portal skill”
“That’s right but…”
“If it’s unavoidable…”


Yesterday, Claire stripped off the armor of the left behind bodies of the soldiers.
As if regretting it, seeing the stolen gold bag, Father-in-law says to Eclair.


“Still, stealing from the dead feels unpleasant.”
“No… this is a situation where I have to go against my code of honor and rob the dead of their possessions. It can’t be helped.”


Let’s try saying what Father-in-law is likely to say in this situation.


“There’s no such thing as rules in a battlefield.
If you can stay alive following only the code of honor then it’s good to live like that.
But for us right now, it takes our all just to stay alive… it’s also important to protect yourself, isn’t an honorable defeat also part of chivalry ?”
“It’s a painful story. But it’s true. In a battlefield even after stepping over the bodies of your comrades, just taking 1 step you have to fight.
To say nothing of collecting the things of the people who tried to kill Iwatani-dono with dirty tricks… It’s probably something we should compromise on.”
“To dislike looting from the enemy… Eclair-san, you’re a very serious person aren’t you. So cool.”
“I- Iwatani-dono. Being cool isn’t something to be admired. Because even someone such as I reluctantly committed acts of theft.”
“Let’s still our hunger with beasts we encounter on the road. Money… we do have it even if only a little, we don’t have any other way but buying the necessary things on the way.
“Yes, let’s do that.”


And thus we departed.
In a village on the way, 2 dangerous criminals holding a shield and a spear and a former knight of the country while wandering about discovered an official notice.




Looking at the signboard from afar I start thinking.


“Motoyasu-kun, what are you thinking about?”
“They’re quite annoying, that trash and red pig witch, also the pope of 3 heroes church, I’m thinking if I should just go and kill them.”
“Ki-Kitamura-dono, if you do such a thing, we’ll be wanted throughout the whole world. Please endure it for a while.”


Since I was stopped by both of them, I’ll bear with it for now.
For now, we decided to silently continue our journey.
Since the carriage that Father-in-law was riding didn’t even have a scratch, we used it like it was.
Until Silt Welt, even with Filorial-sama pulling the carriage, it will take 3-4 weeks.
Although I feel that it takes a little bit too much time…
Even though I say that, I who possess the portal, don’t have any other usable locations besides in the vicinity.


“Even after defeating beasts, we don’t get any experience.”
“That is because of the rejection between the heroes.”
“Now that you mention it, they did say something like that. So it was like that.”
“If I leave your side, you can get experience but… if we did that, I might end up not being able to react to sudden situations.”


Sometimes, the countries pursuing soldiers and adventurers come attacking.
Having Father-in-law to wait in the carriage, I mow them down.
On the third day of heading towards Silt Welt… which time was it that the memory of slaughtering assassins was new. (TL: if you have a better translation of this part, please help!)


“It’s quite dangerous. Iwatani-dono is Lvl 1. But, to increase it in this country is too dangerous, I don’t have enough confidence that I’ll be able to protect you on my own.”


Aaah, I miss Filorial-sama.
I miss those fluffy feeling wholesome feathers.


“At the very least, if only we had more companions, it would’ve been encouraging…”
“Can we trust them?”


Father-in-law answers Eclair doubtfully.


“That’s the problem…”


Certainly, it’s a challenge. It’s hard to distinguish between friend or foe.
Come to think of it, It’s about time that Silt Welt’s emissary establishes contact.
Although, we are currently wanted men.


As I was thinking that, 2 familiar faces, a demi-human and a pig, are walking towards us from the front.
Amazing. To have grasped our whereabout.
Eclair takes on an alert posture while unsheathing her sword.


“I… am Silt Welt’s emissary. Seaetto’s keepsake… the sword, please put it down. We don’t have any intention of fighting.”


As if praying deeply towards Father-in-law, the emissary lowers his head and begins talking.


“Hero of the Sword-sama, Hero of the Spear-sama, would you somehow be willing to come to our country ?”
“Originally, we were already planning to head towards Silt Welt…”


As if having difficulty speaking, Father-in-law mutters while averting his eyes.


“Because I would have likely been killed by those people who introduced themselves as emissaries, I’m unable to put faith in them… Motoyasu-kun, I want to ask you, can we trust them?”


The last time, because of entrusting him to these people, Father-in-law died.
I still haven’t found out what the reason was, thus the possibility that these emissaries are fake cannot be completely discarded.


“You were talking about the future.”
“Yeah. That’s why it’s dangerous.”


During the journey until now, I explained the fact about the ‘Loop’ to Father-in-law.
I’ve also openly said that when I entrusted Father-in-law to these people who introduced themselves as Silt Welt’s emissary, he would end up dying.


“That the Hero of the Shields company has met one deception after another during the journey , you have my deepest sympathy. That you cannot put faith in us is a very painful thing.”
“That’s exactly the point. If I could I would like to trust you but…”


The events up until now won’t let us believe.
At the very least, the people from Melromarc that we can put faith in has been severely limited.


“Then I think it would be alright if you made us slaves and restrained us.”
“Slave… certainly, there was that option.”
“Slave… it’s that huh. This world’s slaves have a slave crest that restrains them and makes them unable to go against the commands of the master ?”
“That’s right.”
“I see… but a slave…”


Eclair’s face becomes cloudy. (TL: cloudy, dim, grim. Make your pick)
Seeing that expression, Father-in-law panickingly speaks out aloud.


“I’m sorry, Eclair-san. But I think we should take precaution just in case.”
“I know. We have to be very careful, to the extent of knocking on a strong stone bridge before crossing it.”
“How do we do the ritual of enslavement? I think that if there is a pot of ink, the enslavement is possible ?”
“I will prepare. Please wait a bit.”
“Just to be sure, I wonder if it would be alright to also register me as the master ?”
“If it allows you to put faith in us, then gladly!” (TL: it actually Let’s gladly drink to that, but I’m not sure what he will drink, the pot of ink? :p)


I stood in front, making sure of the surroundings.
Then after a few hours… the Silt Welt emissaries brought the ink pot in front of us.


“Father-in-law, you have to drop a small amount of blood in this pot.”


Using Eclair’s sword, Father-in-law slightly cuts his fingertip and drops some blood in the ink pot.
Then I also poured some blood in the ink pot.


“Next we will go towards the nearest ritual performers and come back as slaves.”


In this way we waited in the forest where there were less people passing by and waited for the emissaries to become slaves.
Before long, the slave icons appeared.


“Ah, this is the slave’s status ? There are various entries.”
“That’s right. Next you can adjust the entries for being unable to lie, be unable to aim hostility and be unable to attack, we can join up after checking the important points.”


While doing the configurations, I teach Father-in-law.
If anything, the registration of the demon crest is my specialty but, there’s not much difference.
But, I wonder if it’s alright to not think of them as imposters after properly completing the enslavement.


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  1. Japanese language lesson

    Out of all 4, Naofumi is the oldest (uni student). So he call other by name only without honorific. This is an instictive lingual behaviour of japanese.

    Since he feel slightly respecting toward Motoyasu, he add -kun to his name. Kun is in use if the speaker feel they are in equal standing, though he’s older than Motoyasu who is either HS senior or Uni freshman.

    If Naofumi use -san it would be pretty respectful.

    -sama is extremely respectful. -dono is its old form .

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