YnYnYn ch 419 – Escort

Before long, the Silt Welt emissaries joined up.

“With this, are you able to trust us now?”
“Pardon me.”

Unannounced I activate the slave crest.
Then the emissary in front grabs his chest while groaning.
I nod while I immediately cancel it.

“It does not seem that you’re deceiving us.”
“Ye-Yes. Haa…Haa…”
“Well then, I have a few question. If you tell a lie, I will immediately kill you.”
“I- It’s alright!”

They were questions that came to mind such as whether there are other comrades that are aiming for Father-in-Law’s life, but there was no reaction.
It seems as if they really are allies.

“Mo- Motoyasu-kun. To suddenly do that, isn’t that a bit rude?”
“It’s a precaution just in case. But, it’s a fact that it showed us they are unable to betray us… Please guide us until Silt Welt.”

The emissary bows at my words.
It should be alright to believe them if they show this much sincerity and loyalty.

To even become slaves to gain our trust… If I too were to become a slave then I’d like to be Firo-tan’s slave.
No… I’m a hunter of love, but at the same time also a slave of love.
HAHAHA. (TN: this is written in english)

‘So Kitamura-dono, should we increase Iwatani-dono’s Lvl or not…”
“Ah, if it’s about that matter.”

The emissary raises his hand and advises us. (TN: this guy must have been a VERY well-behaved in class lol)
His demi-human animal-ears are moving up and down.
It reminds me of the slaves from Father-in-Law’s village.

“What is it?”
“The queen of Melromarc has applied for the removal of the bounties and they will soon be gone.”

Hmm…So it was like this when Father-in-Law in the past said that he was able to trust her.
The queen has a deeper understanding.
To me she seemed just as a pig, but as a parent of the fiancée… she might not be. (TN: *Bing* someone just got out of the pig list)
If I just list her for now in the ally category, it shouldn’t pose a problem.

“Then if we just hide for a few days, afterwards we will be able to walk freely?”
“That is…”

At Father-in-Law’s words, Eclair’s eyes start swimming around.
It’s a difficult problem.
The adventurers and bounty hunters will stop coming but the 3 heroes church followers will continue.
Melromarc’s soldiers are hard but the 3 heroes church’s soldiers are also dangerous.

“Even if there’s no search, the possibility for an assassin to come is still high so we should be careful.”

If you think about it carefully, how the Father-in-Law from before the loop survived is a mystery.
To rise in the world in these kind of situations…
As I thought, Father-in-Law is very amazing.
The things you can think of, are they  the events I went and did since the first day?
The 3 heroes church has deemed Father-in-Law’s existence as worthless, so they thought of having him die a dog’s death… or something like that?

The first month, Father-in-Law was wearing quite shabby equipment.
Onee-san wasn’t that strong either, at that time I had exceeded Lvl 40… If I remember correctly I was at least lvl 47.
At that time Father-in-Law was strong to the extent of holding me down and driving me into a corner, just how much was it? (TN: he means his lvl)

I’d like to believe it to be around 30, but this is about the Father-in-Law who even pays attention to the trivial ‘Status’.
It might even have been 20.
Heroes and their companions have experience bonus.
Once normal adventurers observed the teachings of the 3 heroes with feeling, then you have around 10 small fry… or so they might have thought.
Then ignored it as a worthless existence… The other heroes didn’t even consider waiting until he/they grew. (TN: The sentence before the last one confused me, there’s also a very high chance that it’s wrong :p, so I don’t know if he’s talking about Naofumi or their companions, my guess is at Naofumi, hell, this whole paragraph was super difficult…)

“What Lvl would you guys be at?” (TN: I think explanations are needed here: this question is asked by Mo-kun or Eclair-chan to the emissaries)
“…Excuse me. Because we by chance stayed closed to each other, we’re not that strong. I’m 35 and the other two are 29 and 28.”

It’s a somewhat unsettling strength. (unsettling as it’s a bit weak)
I don’t know how much Eclair is, but it should be around 60.
Father-in-Law’s Lvl being 1, to bring him to a dangerous place would be difficult.
Even if we do ‘power leveling’ as during the previous location, it won’t help much if I don’t leave his side… if during that time he came under a surprise attack, it will be bad.
To eliminate a crowded play like situation, there’s no other choice but to escape to a location where the 3 heroes church has no influence. (TN: I have no Idea what this crowded play is, this is what it said: やりこみプレイみたいな状況)
Aah, I miss Filorial-sama.

“It would be nice if there was a location where hiding was possible…” (TN: Btw, the kanji for hiding here can also mean incubation)

Eclair looks at the emissary.

“Under the influence of the waves a place around here that can offer concealment…”
“The former territory that my father managed… would be difficult.”

Hiding is also difficult.
There is the option of hiding in a mountain hut, it’s quite a severe situation.

“For now it is for the best if we prioritize leaving this country.”
“You’re right… even though I thought it was a dream-like parallel universe adventure, what a misfortune.”

Father-in-Law grumbles.
I know the feeling.
The first time when I came to this parallel world, I kept thinking about pigs.
To my own stupidity, even now I feel like crying tears of blood.
Removing the unpleasant feelings, Father-in-Law rose up.
This time this Motoyasu is also cooperating, it may go better than last time. (TN: Yes, it’s not wrong, he’s referring to himself)

“Understood. The less crowded road is over here.”

Like this, while escorting Father-in-Law our journey continues.

The next day, the Silt Welt emissary who went to investigate told us that the bounties disappeared.
At the moment Father-in-Law is cooking the meat of the beasts that we defeated yesterday.

“Yotto! So, is it really okay for me to cook it? It’s really not my forte.” (TN: Yotto is something someone says when lightly or heavily physically exerting himself)
“Father-in-Law, there’s no need to be humble.”
“Yeah. Iwatani-dono is quite skillful.”
“Yes. As expected of Hero of the shield-sama.”
“Buu Buu”

The demi-human sows are also pleased with the taste.


While saying that, Father-in-Law cuts the meat using the sword he borrowed from Eclair as a replacement for a kitchen knife.
I notice it.
Casually cutting the muscles of the meat to make it easier to eat, while there’s a good flow of fire that attaches the cuts.
Father-in-Law who even fell unconscious while bleeding out the meat has a natural gift for cooking.
Moreover, the remaining meat is aging as the taste becomes better and the meat softer while being bundled up inside bag in the corner of the carriage.
The bones also, without being wasted, have been put in the soup broth, there were also no claims that it tasted bad.

“Ah, if only we had some herbs, I think the flavor would’ve been better? The (bad) smell is also still there…”
“What? It can become even better than this?

Eclair was surprised.
Even the emissaries started looking around the vicinity while searching the wild plants.

“For now… To go to Silt welt we need to cross the border. If the bounties are gone then it may be alright to think there is no problem up to that point.”

At the place where we finished our meal, Eclair opened a map and confirmed before everyone.
…That’s the problem right there you know.
The last time after seeing off Father-in-Law, after 2 days, his death was confirmed.
Confirming with the map as best as we can, it seems be around the time that Father-in-Law approached the border.
That’s why, if there’s something, it must be around there.
The Silt Welt’s emissaries are actually… such a possibility can’t be discarded, thus we are on the lookout.

“It’s really too early to jump to hasty conclusions. It’s better to be more cautious.”
“You’re right…”
“Especially around the border is the place we need to be alert.”
“I see…”

Eclair also seems to be thinking.
Previously after being deceived by Trash, Witch and the 3 Heroes Church there was also the case of Father-in-Law being tracked.
At that time, I remember the number of people that were gathered in the fort was very large.
This time is just a few days after being summoned, there should be a limit to the number of people that they can gather, but there’s a high possibility that they’re being wary.

“There is also the option to leave the mountain road without passing through the border fortifications, but there’s no meaning if the security net has been spread out. Rather it only hinders our progress.”
“That’s right. It might become worse if we’re not able to run away.”
“No, if it’s only escaping, then I think we will somehow manage with Kitamura-dono’s transfer ability.”
“Ultimately, there’s no other option but to go right? If it fails, then we can just run away.”
“You can’t really say that for certain you know?”
“Eh? Is that so?”

It seems like Father-in-Law and Eclair are having a misunderstanding.
The transfer skill also has issues.

“It’s a story from the future, but there were events where Ren-kun and Itsuki-kun almost got wiped out by the rampaging 3 Heroes Church. Aren’t you wondering why didn’t they just run away?”
“Hmm…? Are there limitations on the transfer skill?”

I nod at Father-in-Law’s words.
Exactly, there are several limitations on the Portal skill.
That Father-in-Law found these out by doing experiments.
If you think about it, it was quite fortunate.

“It doesn’t work if you haven’t stored the location you want to transfer to in the memory. Storing the inside of a building is also basically impossible. Also jumping with it from inside a place where a barrier has been erected is not possible.”
“To be more precise, places such as where dragons live. And places that Filorial-sama or certain beasts have claimed as their turf… it also applies to areas where people live, such as in the vicinity of a church. Furthermore in areas where a wave is occurring.”
“Hee~… So does this have any effect on our escaping?”
“Why do you think that Ren-kun and Itsuki-kun were unable to run away. There’s still that know.”
“Didn’t they just have no time to use it after being hit by a surprise attack?”
“Certainly, you can’t deny that possibility, but we’ve also confirmed that it is unusable in the range of group ritual magic chants.”

In fact, when we came under attack from the pope, I instantly casted the ‘Portal Spear’.
Foolishly I was trying to protect the Red pig Witch and the other pigs.
At that time I wondered why I couldn’t use it, afterwards it was confirmed while doing experiments with being attacked by ritual magic.

“Group ritual magic?”
“It’s a magic that is used a lot in war. I see, if they really tried to kill Iwatani-dono or Kitamura-dono then it’s understandable that they would use it.”
“If group ritual magic ‘Sanctuary’ is being used then you should consider it impossible to run away.”

Sanctuary is mostly a weakening attack, it’s a magic with a similar disposition as the barrier magic that has the effect of getting rid of curses.
Because we have to stay in one place for a while, that’s why we’re not able to run away with transferring.

“Then, what should we…”
“That’s where I come in. With my power, I think we will somehow manage most of the matters.”
“In the end, just force our way through huh. Somehow I thought there was some secret plan.”
“The frontal approach is the most efficient you know~”

For some reason Eclair and Father-in-Law let out a deep sigh.
Before I knew it, they started getting along.
Deepening his friendship with another person in this short period, as expected of Father-in-Law.

“Then for now, let’s try taking it head-on. If something happens then we’ll leave it to Motoyasu-kun”

It was left up to me. (TN: this was actually said with the quotes around it, but somehow it doesn’t make sense that he said it out loud to others that is was left up to him)
And thus the journey continues in the direction of Silt Welt.


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