YnYnYn ch 420 – Absorb~(Incomplete)

Sorry I haven’t posted anything for awhile. But with this post I’m also telling you guys that I’m stopping to post for now, this one is also incomplete, about 1/3 done I believe (unedited).

The reason is simple: My little brother committed suicide a while back so I’m not feeling it to translate anymore for now… I’m sorry… I’m sure someone else will pick this chapter up.


And finally we arrived at the border fortifications of a country in our way to Silt Welt.

Currently we are observing from a distance inside a forest where we are able to see the fortifications .

“How is it?”

Going by feelings, then it looks to me as if the merchants are passing normally through the fortifications.
I don’t sense anything suspicious but Eclair murmurs while frowning.

“…Looking at it, it doesn’t look suspicious. But it’s odd, there’s a strange lookout with sentries. Doesn’t it seem like there are more people inside than usual? I can slightly detect them from the window.”

I also confirmed the places that Eclair pointed out.
Certainly, looking at it after being told, the number of people seems strangely more then normal.
Before the loop, there was no bounty on fili, but that’s quite a lot of people.

“Is, Is that so?”
“Just imagining it… It goes past wishful thinking.”

Eclair murmurs that.
Silt Welt’s emissaries are similarly nodding.

“How about transporting with a cart and passing through while the Hero of the Shield is hidden?”
“So smuggling out… I don’t think it’s a bad option, but thinking about Iwatani-dono’s current Lvl, when we get found out it will be pretty dangerous.”
“Certainly, they will tightly examine the luggage and such.”
“That’s right… So what should we do?”

Fili and co are talking while in a troubled manner.
Precisely during such times, it’s this Motoyasu’s turn!

“Well then, I will go and and make sure what we observed before, everyone please stay hidden here.”
“Eh? Motoyasu-kun is going in alone? Won’t it be dangerous?”

By fili ‘s sincerity, I was nothing but taken in.
Suddenly I have a feeling of my tears flowing over like a waterfall.

“Mo- Motoyasu-kun !? Why’re you crying?”
“Don’t worry. My heart was only struck by fili ‘s kindness.”
“Did I really say something strange!?”

For some reason Eclair lets out a sigh.

“Iwatani-dono, I’m thinking that it would be for the best if we got used to Kitamura-dono’s eccentricities before long.”
“Ah…yeah, that’s right, but thinking about if he would be alright letting him go alone…”
“I don’t think that’s a problem, no matter how I look at him, Kitamura-dono holds unfathomable strength… his personality is also unfathomable though.” (TN: are you complimenting him or insulting him Eclair :p Oh btw I’m in the NaoxEclair camp for this novel, of course NaoxRaph in the other)

I didn’t really hear Eclair’s last word properly. (TN: Ignorance is bliss, not sure if he’s doing it on purpose though :p)
Fili seemingly having heard it, nods in agreement.
Come to think of it, I have a feeling there were many times when fili was talking in whispers with Onee-san.
At first I found it uncomfortable when they started talking in whispers, if I think about it now, it was something important.

“Instead of letting Motoyasu-kun go in alone, wouldn’t it be more certain to force our way through with everyone?”
“Certainly I believe that’s also an option, but based on the story, Kitamura-dono’s transfer ability can fly to a place he has already been? In that case, if he can pass through the fortifications without any problems and come back after assigning the transfer location then it would be alright.”
“I see! Even if i’m the target but Motoyasu-kun passes through then it won’t matter.”

There certainly was that option.
I can even store the portal location for the next loop, if there’s a next loop then let me use this method.

“What we’ll do is defend Iwatani-dono and make sure we don’t get found until Kitamura-dono has finished his business.”

Silt Welt’s emissaries nod too.
Even if for 1 hour, separating from fili is painful, but now is the time to fight!
Let’s name this battle ‘The battle of Melromarc’s fortifications’.
Displaying my war effort to fili, I will show what kind of loyal subject I am.

“Then, I will be heading off. If anything happens just give a flashy sign while running away and I’ll come over flying.”
“Will take care of it.”

Thus I started walking to the border fortifications.
Walking towards the border fortifications, I noticed that the lookout became noisy.
Groups of soldiers started coming out from inside the fortification.

“Hero of the Spear right! Where’s the Devil of the Shield!”

Representing the soldiers… Certainly from a long time ago in the first world, I hear the loud voice of the knight leader that I’ve met several times.
When did he disappear, but to appear in this kind of place, what’s this about?

“I don’t know. More importantly I would like to pass through here.”
“Who would let you pass! Obediently tell us the whereabouts of the Devil of the Spear! Otherwise…”

The soldiers that can use magic started chanting group ritual magic from the back.
My body feels a high density magic field forming in the vicinity.
I remember it gives something like an ‘Energy Boost’ in the vicinity.

“Now! It would be best for you if you obediently tell us!”
“I wonder who would speak?”

It seems there’s no doubt that the ones that killed fili in the first loop are these guys.
Silt Welt’s emissaries probably tried to pass through normally but were killed after being found by these guys.
The fili from before the loop didn’t defect to another country.
And that’s why he survived… is also a possibility.
For these guys, fili going to Silt Welt would be something bad.

“I will say it one more time. Let me through, if not I will kill. If you let me through, I won’t.”
“Hmph. Fool! False of the Spear! Prepare! Do it!”
” ” “Group Ritual Magic 『Judge–』 ” ” “


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